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  • Marketing websites
  • Wordpress websites
  •  Wix & Squarespace 
  • Domain/Hosting Management
  • Social media design
  • SEO Optimization

Consumers head to the web first to do research, compare competitors, and often make a snap decision about doing business with you. Having a web presence is critical for organizations of all sizes.

Wanderfish specializes in creating compelling and informative websites that will give your audience a great first impression.

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  • Promotional videos
  • Product Demo videos
  • App demo videos
  • Real-estate videos
  • Event videos
  • Video digital signage

If a photo is worth a thousand words, how much is one minute of video worth? Over one and half million. Video helps create a deeper sense of brand trust, keeps visitors on your site longer, and greatly effects the next action they take.

Wanderfish creates compelling videos that will engage, educate and entertain your audience.

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  • Brochures & collateral
  • Posters & Cards
  • Tradeshow artwork
  • Logo & branding
  • App store artwork
  • uX design support

Your organization’s image doesn’t stop at just having a great website. It’s important that your portray a consistent voice and style across all your marketing material.

Wanderfish can help you create brochures, data sheets, trade show art, advertising, business cards, and more.

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Very Well Done!

"The Relay for Life of Caledonia County is something we treasure each year; it is an emotional journey that we have always told people you must experience to understand. The video that Wanderfish did for us captured all elements of the event beautifully, allowing those not in physical attendance to get a glimpse of what it was all about. We proudly keep the video on our YouTube Channel so that those wanting to know more about this local Relay for Life can get an immediate idea. Very well done!"      - Mike Barrett - Relay for Life Co-Chair

Responsive and Insightful

"Working with Garth and his team at Wanderfish was a pleasure.  They quickly honed in on our needs, and Garth's years of experience made him an invaluable member of our internal team when redefining our web presence.  Though they provided expert advice, we remained fully in control of the content.  Responsive and insightful, Garth's hard work resulted in a much more functional, modern, highly customizable and attractive website.  Wanderfish has also provided professional and friendly ongoing support."   - Patrick Flood, CEO of Northern Counties Health Care, Inc.​

Creative and Thoughtful Leadership

"Garth’s creative and thoughtful leadership helped the St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce reach new audiences through strategic communications planning, development and implementation. Garth helped us with every step of the process, from building our website architecture to finalizing graphics for our facebook page. Most significantly, Garth guided us through a process that resulted in a dynamic and fully-responsive website that includes a searchable business directory, imbedded community calendar, and active posts that amply our social messages. "  
                                                              - Anna Reuben, Vice President, St. Johnsbury Chamber of Commerce

Engaging, Creative, and Professional

"Our project needed an informative and catchy video to engage parents in the importance of following a secure protocol in the event of an emergency at their child's school. We were so fortunate to find Garth and work closely with him in a very short time frame to create this video. He was exceptionally responsive to our needs and really a pleasure to work with.  His style is engaging, creative and professional, and he works as part of your team to create a product you can be happy with.   - Suzanne Masland, Project Director of the CNSU Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative

Web Design 

A website, no matter the size of your business or organization, is the gateway to millions of potential visitors and the very first and longest lasting impression you can make that will influence them. Wanderfish creates high-impact, budget-conscience websites, that will keep your visitors engaged.

Beautiful on Any Device

More people are browsing the web via their smartphone or tablet than ever before. Wanderfish makes sure your website looks great on computers and mobile devices while making sure that mobile viewers get an optimized experience.

Optimized for Search

Having a beautiful website and great content is the first step to engaging your audience, but they have to find you first. Wanderfish makes sure that all of the websites we create are optimized so that search engines and human beings can find them.

Cost-Effective Hosting 

Wanderfish provides simple options for hosting that we will help you manage, but we also have expertise with all the big hosting providers such as GoDaddy, 1&1, Bluehost, and more. This means you don't need to worry about the geeky web stuff - leave it up to us!

Video Production

The power of video to communicate, educate, and exhilarate are undeniable. Wanderfish creates compelling real estate, product, event, and corporate videos that will connect with your audience -- extending engagement times and increasing demand.

create demand for your product or service

inform your market of new offerings

educate your audience

Graphic Design 

Your organization’s image doesn’t stop at just having a great website. It’s important that your portray a consistent voice and style across all your marketing material. Wanderfish can help you create a compelling brand across all different mediums.

LOGO DESIGN & Branding

A logo is the face of your brand, it touches every aspect of your marketing strategy. Wanderfish will work with you to create a logo and branding that captures the essence of your organization.


Wanderfish can help you create beautiful collateral that will set you apart from all the rest, as well as create presentations that will engage and inform your audience.


Make a splash with your social media posts and marketing e-mails. Wanderfish will make sure that your audience will want to engage with you.

Garth Leach, owner of Wanderfish, has been providing marketing services to his customers for more than 15 years. He leverages his experience, having worked with small businesses and large companies all over the world, to deliver projects of all sizes and budgets.


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